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10 January 2012 -

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Hobbiton Adventure

I am a city slicker, love clean, relaxing and comfortable environment when I go for holidays and not at all adventurous type... given the choice I will never even climb up a hill with proper constructed stairways and who would imagine me climbing a mountain?
Mount Irau is situated off Binchang at Cameron Highlands, standing approximately 2110 metres above sea level and located at the borders of the state of Perak and Pahang, Malaysia, is apparently 6th highest mountain in Malaysia. It is known for its mossy rain forest, captivating  hills that resembles the Hills and the shire, the land of hobbits and magical creatures of the JRR Tolkiens of the Lord of the Rings. I never knew that this mountain exists before climbing it for the very first time with my friend Michelle and 27 other ecstatic and experienced climbers... My little hobbiton adventure and an experience that I will never forget....
Being first timer, we went with no preparation and not knowing what to expect... We started our journey from the foot of the mountain at 9.15am and it was proven to be a real tough challenge for us. We had to brave ourselves to overcome our fears, dangers and obstacles, shivering cold rain and getting ourselves all muddy, mossy, wet and dirty to climb up the mountain and to climb back down... It was really tiring and most difficult experience for both of us and honestly, without the help of other experienced climbers, I don't think we will survive the journey. We completed the whole entire journey at about 7.00pm (10 hours of real tough challenge!). Will you do that if you never climb before?

Come and this way to Back End in the shire.... I took most of these pictures at the peak of the mountain after having hot instant noodles... thanks to Boon! =D

Little hobbits, tired and taking a little rest before climbing back down the mountain.... Aftermath of my journey, aching muscles, bruises and blue black evidently and visibly on our legs... but Michelle and I are surely proud we did it! =D
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