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10 January 2012 -

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Laurealasse means golden leaf in elvish.

I had in mind to create a simple and elegant design which would look fabulous in the brand new brass wires I had bought recently. =D I must say that I am quite please with how this design turns out to be; nothing like what I had in my rough sketches (which I had scribbled on my notebook while driving back home from work in a massive standstill jam a couple of days ago).

This necklace features handformed leaf frame, coiled carefully with brass wires and surrounded by beautiful and luminous ivory white fresh water pearls. The chain, catch and clasp of this necklace are all handmade by ME.
Simple design but tedious work and finger torturing (my fingers still hurt while typing this blog listing! LOL!).

Matching leaf design catch and clasp with a tiny weeny fresh water pearl.

Here is a matching leaf design earrings.... Dainty but really sweet.... =D

Laurealasse is part of jpbeads' exclusive range; a collection inspired by her whimsical desire for mystical, fanciful and magical fantasy and her love for elves, fairies and magical creatures which consists of sophisticated and detailed wire-wrapped designs with marvellous and elegant coil, wave, curve and loop motifs that symbolise everlastingness, life, strength, power and magics.

Laurealasse Pendant measures approximately 2.3" long and 1.3" at the widest point with 29" long chain (inclusive of the catch and clasp).

Laurealasse Earrings measure approximately 1.2" from ear wires and 1.7" at the widest point.


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