jpbeads' Shop Announcement

10 January 2012 -

We will be doing a mega sales on Clearance Items soon! Please bear with us! If you see something you like from my past collection, do email me at

Be sure to check my new blog from time to time. I hope to be able to get familiar with the wordpress format soon! Change from blogger to wordpress is quite a challenge! I am learning new things everyday.

I am almost 24-7 on Facebook. Pop over to Facebook and say HI!

Enchanted Elven Forest

Come and discover the enchanted elven forest....

Bright beautiful tone of citrus yellow, tangerine orange and with a touch of cherry red czech pressed beads, this pair of earrings is surely to lift your spirit for the day and may be a little magic too. ;) I have some other designs in mind when I made this pair. Due to oversupplies of round ball-end headpins, I decided to do use some for coilling and wrapping and the result Enchanted Elven Forest earrings, which turns out quite amazing! =P


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