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10 January 2012 -

We will be doing a mega sales on Clearance Items soon! Please bear with us! If you see something you like from my past collection, do email me at

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Orang Bunian - What's that??

I have showcase some of my elvish "Bunian Earcuff" designs last weekend at 3K Inn during our debut bazaar. Some of you are puzzled and others find my little Bunian Earcuffs designs fascinating... =)

A little background to my creation...

My creations are largely inspired from my whimsical desire and love for fanciful creatures especially for wood elves. Elves are the most delicate creature with supernatural power but look very much like the human race. Although elves don't really exist in real life and I find it fanciful to create elvish jewelry which I believe the human race would love them too...

So what exactly are "Bunians". I am very certain that most of you have never heard or know that in our every own Malay legends, there are supernatural beings which are similar to the elves race and these creatures are known as "Orang Bunian". Yeap "Orang Bunian" is our very own legendary elves.... You can read about them on wikipedia and it would tell you how these "Bunians" actually live amongst us and some of them are married to the humans... Some people says Orang Bunian posses magical powers and some says they are invisible to our bare eyes.... Thanks to M for taking time off his busy schedule to tell me about these magical beings...

Being a Malaysian, I am proud and excited to create my very own "Bunian Earcuff" designs as my tribute to these magnificent "Malay version of Elves". The last I checked humans love Bunian Earcuffs too!


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