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10 January 2012 -

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Ice - Faery Leaves Lariat

What could be better to describe this piece but "Ice"? Instant refreshing feeling that you need especially on a scotching hot day... You don't have to splash icy cold water on your face to cool down... try accessorising with some dreamy piece of jewelry like this one... It would definitely give you instant cool feeling without getting yourself drench wet... =P

Now, how do you wear this lariat... there are more than 1 way you can actually wear on to find out how...

You can just loop a faery leaf over throught another feaery leaf and let it dangle off your chest... stunning.. if you are afraid it will drop off, you can put one leaf further down to set it apart to the other leaf... OR

You can tight a knot but looping it over the chain, as shown in the above picture. Aint that cool?

You can use a bit creativity and you will surprise yourself on the many wonderful ways you can wear this lariat...

Ice - Faery Leaves Lariat is composed using blue obsidian gemstone teardrop bead, swarovski crystals and silver artistic and silver plated wires. Necklace measures approximately 21" (inclusive of the leaves).

PLEASE NOTE: Item featured in this listing has already found its owner. Please allow 1-3 working days for newly made item to be shipped.


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