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10 January 2012 -

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Woo-hooo I bought a Drill

I always wanted to get a drill but I never gotten around doing that... Why? The price is the first turn off!! Getting a good drill involves spending a huge amount of money. My other problems:
What kinda specs do I need?
What is the different between a drill n driver??
Arrgh... I am also clueless how it really works?

Tool like this can be dangerous if you don't know how to handle it properly!!

However, having seen good testimonials from some of my fellow wire artists and spending good amount of time reading about it, I decided to get one but I was still unwilling to spend $$$ for it.

Yesterday, while during grocery shopping with my mom @ Tesco Hypermarket, I saw THIS DRILL! Cordless Black and Decker HM9600 (for the benefit of others who are looking for a drill at an unbelievable bargain) for only RM99.90!!! (Click on first picture to enlarge). I jump at the offer and bought it straight away...

I tested it and it works fine for coiling wire! Now, I can work faster, with precision and consistency!! I cant wait to work on new projects which involve coiling or twisting wire with this NEW DRILL!!

Remember to charge it for at least 6 hours and read the instructions carefully before you start using it!

DISCLAIMER AND CAUTION: If you have no idea what to use this drill for, DON'T GET IT!!! Be absolutely clear how it works and think it through whether you really need this tool before purchasing one!

If you are beginner/ intermediate level in your wire works journey but is very keen to get it but not sure how it works, feel free to email me at with your questions and to satisfy your curiosity before committing your purchase.

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