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10 January 2012 -

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Purse Hangers

It is really hard to find a safe place to place our handbags or purses whenever we dine in a cafe, restaurant, bistros or any dinners for that matter and most of us would end up placing our handbags or purses on our laps or behind our seats. Some would even place their handbags on the floor or on the tables which are often dirty and unhygienic.

Here is a new inovative, handy and convenient tool that each girl should have - a purse hanger!!! What is that you ask... this is a simple hanger to hold your handbag or purse!

How it works??
Just twist the hook and place it at the edge of the table and hang you handbag or purse on the hook! =D

Each purse hanger is handmade from sturdy and polished gold or silver plated metal and ornamented with fashionable and beautiful handpainted designs. A rubber non-stick backing the metal plate gives you a firm grip on the table (you will be surprise that this hanger can hold up to 20 pounds or more!!) and this would allows you to hang your purse safely on the hook, right next to you while you enjoy yourself with your company, girlfriends or love ones worry-free~ =D

Each purse hanger measures approximately 3.5' in length and 2.5' width with a metal plate design of 1.2').


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