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10 January 2012 -

We will be doing a mega sales on Clearance Items soon! Please bear with us! If you see something you like from my past collection, do email me at

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Fanciful Earcuffs (More colours!)

I received a couple of orders for these since I listed yesterday and some of you have asked if I have other colours and whether I take custom orders! The answer is "YES!" but this of course depends on availability of the colours and materials...

Bunian earcuff is suitable for pierced and non-pierced ear and it can be adjusted to fit perfectly on your ear. You can also wear this with or without earrings! Each Bunian Earcuff is made of non-tarnished silver plated artistic wire and adorned with 6mm Swarovski Crystal.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Colours are available at the time of listing! Unless otherwise requested in your order, you will receive a single earcuff for the right ear for the price indicated below (please see pictures of how it is to be worn here!). However, if you are interested to receive this for the left ear or in a pair, please notify me in "Your Message to the Seller" when you place your order. Please note that price for the left ear is the same as for a single earcuff for the right ear (as indicated below) and the price for a pair is RM18.00 for this design.

More fanciful Bunian Earcuffs designs are on their way... for now there are some in other colours:
Trista Pacific (see above pictures)
(*Please note this is pacific blue in colour!)

Woodland Ashburn (see above pictures)

Waterfall (see above pictures)

Dark Velvet (see above pictures)

Stormy Skies (see above pictures)


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