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10 January 2012 -

We will be doing a mega sales on Clearance Items soon! Please bear with us! If you see something you like from my past collection, do email me at

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Stupidity or Inconvenience

I cant think straight b'cos I lost everything in just seconds... I should have know better not to trust ANYONE even if they call or represent themselves as "the professional" and that they have the necessary knowledge and expertise in doing what they do... Mistakes happen! But, it brings me the grief! Am still in total shock and disbelief of what just happened. How am I to comprehend the lost of all my documents, precedents, photos, tutorials and whatever not that took me enormous time to build and lost in seconds? Years of hard works, sweats, tears and blood even... Now? All wipe out!! Clean! Nothing left, not even bits of it which are at all useful... I share the same pain Murni felt a couple weeks ago... I will mourned over the lost but I will have to pick myself up and tuck on... I am learning to accept that nothing can be done about the lost but I will not let this brings me down.. I will come back very soon and I vowed to do better than what I have lost!



M for MYSTICAL said...


what happened? you said same thing happen to murni also? oh dear is it something serious?

i pray that everything will be ok with you. IN all adversity, stay strong. This is one of life's lessons that we will learn something from....and YES this will make you even better and stronger...take care n *hugs

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