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10 January 2012 -

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Chloe Cuff

Yesterday, it is only a dream;
To-morrow, is a vision;
Things you do To-day determine what becomes of You.

This cuff is made for medium/ small wrist. It is very organic, with the weaved swirls and coils. Additional chain to hold up both ends of the cuff can be requested without additional charge... =)

Intricately wire wrapped with more than 10 feet of brass wires of various gauges; there are quite a few different wire-woven features on this cuff. The above weaving is one of the weaving technique which will be taught in my wire woven jewelry class.

This cuff would have look so much better if I have the time to take these pictures in the day and not wee hours of the night. =)

The details of every single sections are carefully crafted.

I love this part of the cuff the most... organic weaved swirls and coils... this is meant to be one-of-a-kind... =)

Here is another angle of the cuff which shows the details...


jasmin said...

wow. this is totally gorgeous!

Jenny Pong said...

Thank you Jasmin for your comment! Have a peek later, will update another fanciful cuff!

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